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I don't post much here on LJ anymore but I thought I'd stop in, sweep the dust off the old journal and check out what's going on. Aaaaaaand that would be nothing, lol!

Life has been good in the past year, well at least even-keel and as most gray-muzzles will tell you "that's better than the more exciting alternatives!", all of which are usually accompanied by either great pains, bills, property loss/damage or all of the former.

In any case I've had a couple of gigs with Arlo and de Wolfie is still going strong. I've been very pleased by the positive response my mascot persona has gotten in the venues I've performed at and I look forward to trotting him out more in the future.

Take care all!

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Writer's Block: Love Me Tender

Posted on 2012.01.08 at 09:10
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What is your favorite Elvis Presley song?
'Bossa Nova Baby'

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Steppin' Out As My Wolfie.....

Posted on 2011.07.19 at 10:24
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Took Arlo for his first test drive this past weekend and all I can say is WOW!

It was the southeast, it was July, "it was HOTTER than a snake's ass in a wagon rut". I'd decided against wearing his bodysuit for just this reason and the costume that I was going to wear over it hid this fact nicely. I had hydrated well beforehand (and I'm glad I did....I was wringing with sweat when I de-suited afterwards).

I did end up wearing my diveskin underneath the outfit (otherwise my blinding white shanks would have been too much of a contrast with his black feetpaws...the diveskin blended in perfectly). I gotta say, if you fursuit and you don't have a diveskin as a base garment underneath your suit GET ONE NOW!!! It was totally worth the $40 I spent for it. I sweated buckets and when a good breeze hit my legs & lower torso through the over-costume it cooled me immediately.

Paws, tail, feetpaws and head were donned and I waited with my skit partner for our event to get going. Keeping in mind what I'd read/seen on FA and other forums, I jumped into character. The venue was crowded and folks were cranky with the heat. The waiting area was along a concourse and it was amazing for me to see someone come into our area with a frown, make eye contact with Arlo and start to smile. It felt great!

Almost everyone I held a paw up to high-fived me. People wanted pictures, I got a hug from someone who asked me if my suit was by MixedCandy (so furries are everywhere!), who was wearing some awesome digitigrade faun legs herself....if you're reading this, your costume rocked!!! I told her about Stormfire Studios and she said she loved my 'follow me eyes'.

Working the crowd was so much fun and I completely understand now why those in the fandom who suit in their communities do it. Making people smile is a performing rush. I have never played a character in any venue before that was so quickly embraced and accepted by an audience. In a very short time I found myself concentrating on the character and the heat and sweat and discomfort took a backseat to having fun. Several times as I was interacting with one person I'd hear: "oh look at the wolf!" and turn to see a parent bringing a child over for a high-five. Awesome!

Some friends did get photos and as soon as they email them to me, I'll post them in my gallery. I can't wait to wear Arlo again. I just wish there was a more active fursuit group in my local area. I am going to be at IndyCon in August and will be suiting, so please come up and say hi to Arlo if you're there.

I was thinking about mid-life crisises the other day and how I'd yet to have mine. Then I realized I'd just bought a fursuit and become involved in a hobby with fans much younger than myself. Holy crap! I'd had my mid-life crisis and didn't realize it! If this is mine then all I can say is I'm having the most fun I have had in a very long time. Here's to middle age!!

aka Arlo

fursuit, arlo, mascot, wolf

Caution: Wolf At Large!

Posted on 2011.07.06 at 23:13
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Or rather, I should say "LARGE wolf at large!" (yes, I am packing a few extra pounds on my furry butt....DEAL WITH IT!!!)

But, I digress...the reason for this update is that Arlo will be making his public debut next week!  A friend of mine and I are doing an impromptu skit at an event and let's just say that my costume will be in costume. 

I won't spoil the surprise with what he'll be dressed as, but other friends have promised to take pics and if all goes well, I'll be able to post them, post-event, post-haste!  Keep watching!

A splendid time is guarranteed for all.

fursuit, arlo, mascot, wolf

A Wolf Is Born.....Really?!

Posted on 2011.06.12 at 15:27
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No, not really!

But his creation is a story nonetheless.....Once upon a time, in the far northern climes of Canada, a fursuit studio decided (for their own reasons) to sell a slot for a wolf suit.  Due to hazards unforeseen and weathering dangers untold, said artists at last listed their commission on a famous online auction site.

(enter the innocent)

Whilst cruising the online auction site's listings, our intrepid hero, adventurer, unsuspecting noob stumbled across the studio's auction.  Well, when faced with such temptation, and craftsmanship of such quality our noob did what any noob worth their salt would.....PUT A FREAKING BID IN AND PRAYED FOR 6 DAYS!!!!! 

(six days later)

Oh joy, oh rapture!  The auction's done, our bid has won!  Oh lord, now what?!?!  Many back and forth emails, payments, confirming of measurements ensued....feverish tailoring and constructing was undertaken and as promised, upon completion, said fursuit was shipped to the U.S. of A. via Canada's amazing postal system (not kidding you, those guys are FAST!!!).

(fast forward to today)

Arlo is born!  My fursuit is a joy to wear, a treat to perform in and cute to behold!  To say that I am a happy camper is an understatement of the highest magnitude.  My mission now is to get used to how it feels to be inside his skin, so to speak.  My head in suit is much bigger than it is normally (to my friends who are laughing at the irony of this statement....BITE ME!!!)

So, to those readers who have made it this far....Arlo's LJ page is dedicated to my pursuit of fursuit fun, amusement and perhaps in future some profit.  My goal is to do freelance mascot work with him, for whatever organizations are interested.  Shameless plug:  I have extensive stage/street/theatre performance experience and am capable of providing a fun and entertaining addition to any corporate/charity event (either as a walkabout impromptu act or assisting with auctions, shows, MCs or etc.). 

If you're interested in following Arlo's trials and tribulations then friend us and stop in often.  Thanks for reading!